Attività e appuntamenti nei nostri territori d’Alta Langa

One thought on “Appuntamenti

  1. Fausto and Gigi are two very special characters. Wonderfully crazy! They are part of the founding members of the Deserta Langarum. They’ve been organizing the cultural association of Alta Langa since 1980. Since then, Appuntamento nei Boschi has become legendary for its dance, music, dining and drinking event in a forest clearing outside of Murazzano. Through their own doing and with help from friends, they have magically transformed the hiking trails and their descriptions in this area into a comprehensive network of trails, suitable for hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. Between the areas of Torresina and Igliano, you will find over 30 km of trails – smack dab in the middle of wild Alta Langa.

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